Here's what clients are saying about working with Rob Fortier

Before working with Rob, I was unfocused and scattered -not moving forward in the way I wanted and needed to. Working with him turned everything around for me! Having him ask questions and digging deeper set the habit for me to do it for myself, i.e.: If I talk to Rob about this next week, he will ask these questions. So it got me in the habit of asking myself first, a habit I have stuck with! It has helped effect real change. He had wonderful tips for organizing time/schedule that truly work. He pushed me to the edge of my comfort zone, and I found out it wasn't nearly as uncomfortable as I thought it would be.

Now I dig deeper to find answers and solutions. I am SO much more organized with my time and priorities. I found my daily time wasters and have learned to 'control' them. I am more productive, happier, and selling more! His plan for prepping for a show/market made all the difference in the world - I was prepared, organized, relaxed and ready! I have also learned to say, as Rob would, “what is the next step?” I have learned so much more about myself, how I work best, and how to make things happen!

-Erin Rogers Pickering, illustrator and painter, Erin Go Paint


Sarka Nicol small.jpg

As a business owner who does everything from designing, customer service, marketing, production and the books, it was refreshing to speak to Rob and get his insight on how my business runs. He helped me define where I should spend my time and where not to. I had been thinking of pursuing other channels of sales-generating websites away from my core business, but he helped me realize these avenues may not be the best use of my time. He also offered business solutions to help me make money without increasing my workload, and he was even happy to help test some of my products and give constructive feedback!

Rob is a true professional with great experience and knowledge. He's forthcoming with solutions and ideas that I have never thought to consider and will now apply to my business. Thank you, Rob! 

-Sarka Nicol, owner, Citrus Press Co.


Robert Torigoe small.jpg

A few years ago, I took myself out of the actor’s life in order to focus on family and a full time job. Recently, I started to focus on becoming a performing artist again. Taking classes in my field and entertaining ideas of creating my own work, but like many other times, I found myself making very safe and cautious attempts.

Then Rob Fortier came into my life, and I found myself asking hard questions about my career and life in general. Rob has helped me realize that it all goes together. My own issues with myself and in my life have a direct influence on any chance of becoming the artist I want to be. They are not separate. All of the possibilities I had been thinking about were now becoming real goals. My involvement in my classes and auditions shifted as I became more aware of what kind of artist I wanted to be.

After our months of meetings, I have found myself being much more balanced with my responsibilities in life and my time spent creating. I am in the early stages of writing a show for myself and am much more focused on my calling to be an expressive artistic being. Rob helped me smash all of the self-deprecating excuses I make for myself. He has helped me to realize that no one but me is holding me back when it comes to being creative and happy in life.

I cannot thank Rob enough for everything. Thank you for taking me to the next level in my life.

-Robert Torigoe, performer


Bee Eastman small.jpg

When Rob Fortier announced he was looking for clients to coach, I jumped, almost literally, at the chance. I had connected with him previously when he was a speaker with The Small Business Community. I had also recognized him as the co-author of Pushing the Envelope: The Small Greeting Manufacturer’s Guide to Working with Sales Reps, which had become my bible in running my first company.
With that background, I had initially felt intimidated. We would joke that I would have to do my hair and makeup before having the guts to meet with him on Skype. He set me at ease though with his humor and down to earth style.  He was a hoot from the beginning.
My three month commitment was perfect, taking me through Christmas, at a time where I felt pressure to make sales and get my business in order. I felt like I could use all the help I could get. Each week he gave me an assignment to follow - whether it be working on the descriptions of my cards to give the reader the reason why I loved them, using words like "crisp" and "deep impressions." We worked to find my target audience, analyze blogs that would attract readers that I could see purchasing my products, and develop my own blog from very few posts to three each week.  
Rob gave me the confidence and direction to accomplish a number of things that had been on my ‘To Do’ list for a long time, such as moving from Etsy to Big Cartel, which has had a positive effect on my business. Rob gave me the motivation to put myself out there as a Stationery Stationista! I've gained a lot working with Rob.  I feel good about the direction my business is going. It was a win-win-win experience.  For the first time I think I have a viable business.

You are amazing Rob - you got me to do things I hated without even my realizing I was doing them!

-Bee Eastman, owner, Pushing Papers


Jason Michael Miller small.jpg

Before creative coaching I was starting to feel stagnant, stale, and lost in not only my career but in my personal life as well. I was on autopilot--working harder than smarter, working without a purpose, running on fumes without a strategic game plan. I was working just to stay afloat, in a daunting cycle of repetition. work work work sleep, work work work sleep. I was mentally and physically exhausted and feeling like I was just treading water.

From each session Rob has helped me pinpoint the disconnect from my philosophy to my actions. He has helped me organize my life by assessing situations, breaking them down, and helping find the steps to take to better serve me so that I reach my goals and successes. He provides positivity and empowerment galore, boosting confidence to make "the big picture" seem way less frightening and way more attainable. His process is very comfortable and collaborative and allows for openness so that I find inspiration and a clear vision through every session.

He's helped me find value and worth within myself as an artist and human and I'm excited to take on my ventures with a fresh uplifting perspective. I'm so grateful! Rob's coachings have played a crucial part to finding my way and simplifying my life.

-Jason Michael Miller, performer


Sally Murphy small.jpg

Before I began working with Rob, I had not made real time for my writing in almost a year. When I did find time, it was sporadic at best. Rob helped me to focus on what was important to me, and how to carve out time for my craft without feeling guilty or pressed for time while doing so. By following his advice, I was able to rediscover the joy of writing, and this even opened up a new creative path for me, namely writing and illustrating a book with my 8 year old daughter. I now not only fit writing into my daily schedule but also enjoy meaningful time with my family while doing so. If you need help re-igniting your creative side, I would strongly recommend Rob's coaching services.

-Sally Murphy, author